Should You Switch to Unscented Shampoo and Conditioner?


If you suffer from migraines, allergies, or sensitive skin that's easily irritated by fragrance, then it might be time to switch to unscented hair care products. Hair products like shampoo and conditioner are known to be scented with intense fragrances; this is especially harmful if you're susceptible to these sensitivities. That’s why Urban Betty has crafted unscented alternatives. Below is a breakdown of why you should switch to a cleaner haircare brand.

Fragrances Are Artificial

Many brands that add fragrance to their products are not transparent about their ingredients. Fragrance components are often derived from chemicals that can disrupt your body’s natural processes. At Urban Betty, you can purchase unscented conditioners and other natural products so you can feel safe in your own skin.



Scalp Risks

Synthetic fragrances also can lead to skin irritation. This is particularly troublesome when it comes to shampoo and conditioner because you are directly applying these products to your scalp. The harsh chemicals in these hair care products can dry your scalp, leading to dandruff and flaking. To ensure you are looking presentable, unscented shampoo and conditioners are a great alternative.




Urban Betty was founded to create a safe option for people who deal with migraines provoked by scented products. Products that feature fragrances are more likely to trigger migraine attacks. Pivoting to natural oils in your hair care washes can make you feel more comfortable and at ease.



Feel Natural

If you're looking to switch your hair care products, consider unscented shampoo and conditioner. The unscented shampoo and conditioners you can find in our Urban Betty shop are made with natural ingredients so you don’t have to experience skin irritation or migraines. On top of these benefits, unscented hair care products tend to make your hair more voluminous, while fragrance often leads to frizzy and tangled hair.

Urban Betty is here to help you feel and look great. With unscented conditioner and shampoos, you can wash away any worries you may have about applying chemicals to your scalp. For more information about Urban Betty, contact us today!