How Shampoo And Conditioner Ingredients Affect Hair Health

You wash your hair regularly and likely use shampoo and conditioner at least a few times a week to help keep your hair clean, but how do these products affect your hair’s health? Learn more here and shop with Urban Betty to find high-quality, clean shampoos and conditioners that will help to promote clean, healthy, and strong hair.


The first job of your shampoo and conditioner is to clean your hair. It works to remove dirt, oils, debris, odors, or sweat effectively. However, if your shampoo and conditioner use harmful ingredients or chemicals, it could start to harm your hair and your scalp, even if it is cleaning away the dirt and odors.

Appearance And Feel

You want your hair to look great and feel smooth and strong, but when you are using low-quality products, it can have a detrimental effect on your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner will balance the scalp’s environment while cleansing the hair. This will leave the hair looking clean and healthy instead of dry and oily.

Possible Issues

When you are using the wrong types of shampoo and conditioner or overusing them, it can cause several possible issues. Harmful ingredients that are often found in cheap, low-quality shampoo and conditioner can cause issues like hair loss, itchy scalp, brittle hair, and more.

Shop With Urban Betty

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