How Scents Can Affect Your Body And Your Day

When it comes to the five senses, scent is extremely powerful — it connects us to memories, it’s what ignites the digestion process, and it plays a role in emotions — scent influences your day more than you might think! 

Discover more about how scents affect your body and your day in today’s post from Urban Betty.

The Power Of Essential Oils 

There’s a good reason why aromatherapy has become so trendy — diffusing essential oils not only smells amazing, but it impacts our mood and emotions. From lavender for a sense of calm to citrus for feeling cheerful, scents can help support your emotional well-being.


Can Fragrances Be Functional? 

Research has shown that smelling peppermint supports focus, and scent has even been linked to the perception of time. Coffee has been known to reduce the perception of time, while baby powder extends and produces a longer perception of time.


Understanding Our Sense Of Smell

Thanks to our olfactory bulb, this structure in the front brain allows us to smell and send the information back for further processing. From the olfactory bulb, the limbic system — including the hippocampus and amygdala — all signal to create powerful associations to scents.

When Scents Impacts Our Health

If you’re someone who gets migraines, this may be triggered by strong smells. While it’s unknown why some migraine sufferers are more sensitive to noxious smells, it is, indeed, a part of the migraine experience for many.


Odors, including strong perfume, gasoline, and cleaners, are common culprits for scent-related migraines. 

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