Benefits Of Using Unscented Hair Products

Fragrance-Free Hair Products That Make The Difference!

Is your fragrant shampoo doing more harm than good? Everyone loves the scents that traditional shampoos and conditioners have, but if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to smell, unscented hair products may be your best bet. 

Learn more about the benefits of using unscented hair products in today’s post. 

No Scalp Irritation

 If you notice that you have an irritated scalp right after a fresh wash, this could be from the shampoo and conditioner you’re using. 
If your scalp is dry, flaky, or itches relentlessly, you may have sensitive skin and your hair products could be the culprit.    
Make the switch to unscented hair products to see if they’re the cause

Doesn't Dry Out Hair

Because what is actually in the “fragrance” in hair products doesn’t have to be disclosed on the label, you really have no idea what’s in the product.  
By choosing a fragrance-free product, you eliminate the harsh chemicals that not only irritate your scalp, but dries out your hair.  
Preserve and protect your hair with an unscented shampoo and conditioner regimen. 

No Harsh Chemicals

Fragrance-free hair products generally have fewer ingredients in them overall, so you’re at less of a risk of developing an irritated or inflamed scalp. 

The fragrance used in shampoos and conditioners is likely synthetic — unless they specifically say they’re essential oil-derived — which can act as a contact allergen, producing inflammation. Once you stop using the fragrance, the inflammation will typically be eliminated. 

There are also fewer of the harsh chemicals that can not only irritate your scalp, but negatively impact your health in other ways (hormone disruptors, toxins, etc.).  

Reduces Migraines

Prone to migraines? Scents — even natural ones — can trigger a migraine. If you’re looking for a great preventative measure to add to your daily routine, try making the switch to unscented hair products. 

Ready to give unscented hair products a try?  Find a collection of hair products that are unscented and ideal for those with sensitive skin and prone to migraines. 

Benefits Of Using Unscented Hair Products - Go Fragrance-Free!

Itchy and inflamed scalp? Soothe your scalp with unscented hair products from Urban Betty and learn more about the benefits in today’s post.