4 Important Aspects That Make Clean Beauty Important

You’ve likely heard about “clean” beauty products from friends or family members, but when you look at the products they show you, they seem to do the same thing as your current products. So why switch? Clean beauty products can have a huge impact on your life and the environment, and making the change to cleaner products can help improve your skin, your mood, and more. Learn more about the important aspects of clean beauty here and shop for clean, healthy beauty products today with Urban Betty.

Better For Your Blood

Up to 60% of what you apply to your skin makes its way into your bloodstream! Choosing safe and clean products is important because if your beauty products contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients, they could have a detrimental effect on your overall health. It may not seem like much from day to day, but small doses add up, causing future problems.

Better For The Environment

Not only are the chemicals and ingredients in low-quality beauty products harmful for your skin and blood, but they can be harmful to the environment too! This also includes how some of the products are created. Some larger manufacturers do not require eco-friendly practices when creating products, testing them, or disposing of their waste. By supporting clean beauty products, you’ll be working to protect your body and the environment.

Hormone Disruption

When our bodies are undergoing periods of development, such as in the womb, during infancy, or during puberty, they are more susceptible to hormone disruption. This can lead to big health problems later in life, requiring medical attention! But remember, small doses of good ingredients add up too! When you use clean products, you can help to reduce hormone disruption or avoid it entirely.

Clean Food Decisions

One more way that you can practice clean beauty from the inside out is with a clean, healthy diet. Food is a big part of your beauty, so picking meals and ingredients that benefit the body are extremely important. When considering your diet, it’s also a great choice to do regular exercise to help your body remove anything that it doesn’t need from your system.

To learn more about clean beauty, you can reach out to the team at Urban Betty! We provide a large selection of beauty products that are designed to strengthen your skin and hair, leaving positive impacts on you and the environment. Shop now or contact us today.