4 Beneficial Reasons to Get Urban Betty Products

Take Your Beauty Routine to the Next Level

With so many different salon products available, you may be wondering what sets one brand apart from the others. Are all salon products the same? Which one is the best for your needs? At Urban Betty, we understand that so many choices can leave you feeling overwhelmed, which is why we offer our own unique brand of natural hair products that can provide your hair with the nutrients it needs using a simple, uncomplicated formula. Explore our website to learn more, and continue reading below to discover why you should buy our Urban Betty natural hair products today!

Natural Ingredients

It’s often surprising to learn that many salon products aren’t made with natural ingredients. At Urban Betty, we are dedicated to creating salon products that are made with natural ingredients. In order to achieve and maintain stunning, healthy hair, your hair needs the proper nutrients, and what better place to find those nutrients than in nature? If you’re tired of using chemicals in your beauty routine, discover Urban Betty products today!

Years of Salon Experience

Who knows hair better than the people who work with it every day? At Urban Betty, our staff members have years of experience in the salon industry, which means we know a thing or two about hair. As a result, we can apply our prior experience and knowledge when making our products to ensure that you’re getting the very best.

Soothing Lavender Scents

It’s no secret that salon products often have a variety of different scents. However, some strong scents can have a negative effect on your hair or possibly even leave your scalp feeling irritated. For this reason, we’ve designed our scented products to have a soothing, natural lavender scent as a way to avoid irritation.

Unscented Options Available

As mentioned above, strong chemical scents can sometimes lead to irritation, so in addition to offering naturally scented lavender products, we also give customers the option to buy unscented products. Our Urban Betty unscented products are perfect for those with sensitivities to scents, delivering the salon quality formula you desire without having to worry about irritation.


Interested in learning more or purchasing some of our products? Explore our website to see what natural hair products we have to offer or stop by our salon today!